Conisboro’ 95 Swinton 86

22 August 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 22 August 1902

Conisboro’  95   Swinton  86

Our local team were successful on Saturday, beating Swinton by the narrow margin of nine runs. Such an occasion must not be passed lightly over. Let us invoke the muse thusly:

As Autumn’s sun illumined o’er
The Pigott’s grassy plain,
Strong men were seen with faces set,
With stern determined mien.

“Two points we want, two points well have,”
With one accord they cry;
“And Swinton’s team we’ll beat to-day,
If every man will try.”

Hushed was the breathless multitude,
As keenly there they fought,
As Hardy, Field and Tomlinson
Their deeds of valour wrought.

‘”Tis, done! The victors’ hands we clasp.
Loud plaudits rend the air,
For Conisboro’ team has won a match.
In spite of our despair.