Conisboro’ and Denaby Roadmen Entertained – Dinner Last Night.

February 1909

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 20, 1909

Conisboro’ and Denaby Roadmen Entertained.

Dinner Last Night.

The roadmen of the Conisborough’ and Denaby parishes were entertained to dinner at the Denaby Main hotel on Thursday night. A fund for the purpose of giving them this little treat. was started some time ago, with Mr. Gibbs as the secretary, and Mr. ,G. Kilner, J.P. has also taken, a great interest in the matter. At the dinner last night, a dozen roadmen sat down to an enjoyable and gratuitous repast. Host Gibbs provided a capital spread and afterwards a convivial evening was spent in the club room. Mr. C. Kilner presided, Mr, H. Baker being in, the vice-chair

The Chairman proposed the health of the roadmen. He could remember what the roads of that district were like 20 years ago, and he testified to the very great improvement that had been effected since that time. The work of the roadmen was much appreciated by the users of the roads. The dinner they had had that night was the first of its kind, but it would not be the last, as it was intended to make it an annual fixture. He incidentally referred to the time when the steam roller first made its appearance. People were at one time quite frightened at the sight of what had now become an indispensable engine.

Mr. Baker supported the Chairman, and spoke of the way in, which the roads bad been improved since he came into the district.

Mr. H. L. Smethurst, treated the company to a very witty speech. He remarked that they could only look forward to four or five more dinners like that, because airships were rapidly coming into fashion, and before long neither roads nor roadmen would be needed. He went on to declare that Mr. Kilner had already purchased an airship, and that he intended travelling to his office in it every day, alighting on the chimney stack, and descending by lift! He also made humorous reference to the fact that roadmen always had somebody grumbling at them, either about the mud or the dust or something else.

Others who spoke to the excellent condition of the roads were Mr. Raynor, Capt. ,Jones (Conisboro’ Fire Brigade), Mr. H. Nawley (representing Mr. S. Whitefield, traction engine proprietor). Mr. R. J. Clarkson, and Mr. E. Robinson.

Mr. Isle, the foreman of the roadmen, who represented Mr. W. R. Crabtree, the roads surveyor, responded to the toast in a suitable speech

The Chairman and Mr. Baker were thanked for their services, and Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs were thanked for the splendid repast they had provided.

Mr. Gibbs expressed the hope that some of the other licensed victuallers of the district would take this matter up in the future He should be very pleased to give what help he could.

During the evening Mr. Wm. Watson, humourist, provided some amusing items. Miss Gibbs gave a very pleasing solo, and also sang a duet with Mrs. Gibbs. Mr. Wall was the accompanist