Conisboro’ Causerie – August 21, 1931

August 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 21 August 1931

Conisboro’ Causerie

What an experience Denaby had at Scarboro’! It was the cricket club’s annual outing. Denahy had completed their innings and when Scarboro had lost a wicket for 22 runs a thunderstorm burst over the ground which made the players run for the pavilion. Lightning struck the pavilion hut. luckily, injured no one though – “Peggy” Foster jumped from one side of the room to the other. The only damage was a couple of cracked chimney pots. The ladies were badly scared.

Eastwood gave us a queer sample of cricket out Rotherham way. The first 20 overs, half of which were maidens, produced only 9 runs in an hour. Conisboro’ had a couple of overs and scored 4 runs before the storm sent them to the pavilion.

Conisboro’ are not pulling trees up this season but they have made at least one “find” in Arthur Moore, who after two seasons with the reserves has given fine displays of wicket-keeping. He took to wicket-keeping by accident towards the end of last season.
Thisro’ League, the Fullerton Cop and the Welfare trophy.

A meeting of the Denaby United Supporters’ club will be held on the grandstand directly after the practice match to-morrow, when the season’s work will be discussed.

After last Saturday’s practice match Mr. Percy Harrison got the signature of Arthur Owen, a young inside-left from the Sheffield district.

Denaby’s final public practice will be held to-morrow when all the signed players will turn out with a few local juniors. The centre-forward position has not yet been filled.

Another bowling green is to be “laid” at the foot of the approach to the Welfare Institute. At the other end, near St. Alban’s Church, decorate gardens are to be made.

A boxing gymnasium has sprung up at the Denaby British Legion Club with a large membership and there is room for more. We dropped in to see the lads at work and left highly satisfied. The accommodation is good and providing the lads can be kept together during the winter we shall be seeing open-air boxing tournaments on the forsaken bowling green adjoining the club.

Johnny Regan (Maltby) makes another appearance at Denaby tonight when he opposes Billy Grit (Doncaster) over 10 rounds.

At Leeds on Sunday Steve Finnan meets Perey Veer (Keighley) and Johnny Moffatt (Denaby) has a return bout with Fred Irving (Keighley).

Jack Steel, a member of the Conisboro’ cricket club, has been selected to play for the Rest in the Doncaster Knock-out Competition against the winners (Doncaster Y.M.C.A.), next week.

Denby and Thurcroft are fighting hard for top place in the Doncaster League table. At present Thurcroft hold the advantage.

Denaby Juniors, Conisboro’ Rangers and Conisboro’ Church House will as usual play “friendlies” this season. The secretaries are the same as last year, and will welcome fixtures. Church House will use the ground at the top of Clifton Hill, formerly used by the Rangers, and they propose to make a cricket pitch there next season. So far the Rangers are without a ground.

Conanby Juniors, who are sharing the Welfare ground with Conisboro’ Juniors, will, besides “friendly” games play in the Montagu and Mexboro; cup competitions.

Conanby and Conanby Rovers are competing in the Mexborough Leagues. They use the same field but different pitches. Conanby’s headquarters are at the Ivanhoe Club and the Rovers are being accommodated at the Alma Inn.

Denaby Rovers have disbanded, but Reresby Arms step into the vacant place in the league. A suitable ground has been obtained between the bridges, and the club anticipate a successful season.

No news is to hand regarding Northcliff. We understand that there has been a change in the management

Preparations are being made by local homing club, for the big flight from Gosport for the Miner’ Welfare Cup some time this month.