Conisboro’ Cricket Club – Annual Meeting.

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 25th, 1905.

Conisboro’ Cricket Club.
Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the above was held at the club house, the Red Lion Hotel, on Tuesday evening. There was a good attendance of subscribers and friend. Previously a meeting of the sports committee had been held, at which Mr. W. W. Norwood presided, whilst there was a good number present.

The secretary, Mr. Watson, presented the annual report and balance sheet, which showed that there was a balance of £19 1s. 1d. This being less than in previous years, is accounted for by the fact that the sports day last year was wet, and greatly facilitated against the attendance. The subscriptions totalled £38 14s., the gate money £33 3s. 10d., and the receipts, £85 5s. 1d. The balance sheet was adopted.

Votes of thanks were passed to the subscribers, and all who had helped in any way to the success of the sports. Mr. Watson resigned his position as secretary, owing to pressure of business. This was accepted with regret. It was decided that the new secretary, whoever may be appointed, should be paid £2 per annum, and a commission of five per cent upon the balance in hand at the end of the year.

The annual general meeting of the cricket club was then proceeded with and on the proposition of Mr. Norwood Mr. Appleyard was elected to the chair.

The secretary (Mr. W. Laughton) presented his report, which showed that in the batting department of the first team, G. Marlborough heads the list with an average of 7.90; Robert Harrison and E. Robinson tie for second position with 7.30, whilst M. Harrison is third with 6.

In the second team George Crowcroft easily tops the average with 17.66, and then comes C. Moore with 7.88, and J. Bailey with 7.99.

In the bowling of the first team E. Robinson comes out on top with 9.58, and then comes M. Harrison with 10, and F. Tomlinson with 11. In the second string, P. Parkes tops it with 10.15 and Holcroft is second with 12.69. – Mr. Laughton stated that it had been decided that the first team should only play friendly matches this season, but the second team had obtained entrance to the Swinton and District Alliance.

Mr. Norwood referred to the death of one of the most promising young cricketers, in Harry Sheldon. He had been cut down in the prime of life, and during the time he had played with them he hadshown great ability. He moved that the secretary write a letter of condolence to the family. The vote was carried, all present standing.

Mr. Norwood, the treasurer, then presented his report. They commenced the year with a balance in hand of £16 16s. 3d., and during the year they had received some very pleasing subscriptions, including £20 from the Ball Committee. He was pleased to say that the Ball was one of the most successful they had ever held. From the sports they had received £19 1s. 4d. The total receipts were £98 19s. 4d., and the balance in hand was £6 8s. 6d.

One of the greatest items in the expenditure was professional’s wages £40. In previous years they had depended upon their Sports raising enough money to pay their professional’s wages, but this year, owing to a wet day, their receipts suffered. This season they had thought it necessary to dispense with the services of professional. He hoped they would be more successful and gather better players together, so that another season they would be able again to enter the Mexboro’ and District League. Under the present circumstances that was impossible, though if they get a better team he was sure that the League would be very glad to see them back again, as they were one of the first to form it. A nice list of fixtures had been got together, and everything he thought promised a successful season.

The report was adopted. – Mr. Norwood, in moving the re-election of Mr. Godfrey Walker as president, said Mr. Walker had been president of the club ever since he (Mr. Norwood) had been connected with it. Although he did not actively participate in the game, he took a a great interest in the club, – Mr. F. Martin seconded, and this was carried.
The following officers were re-elected:- Patrons, Mr. F. W. Fison, Mr. C. Kilner, Mr. G. T. Nicholson, Mr. S. Colton-Fox, Mrs. Woodyeare; treasurer, Mr. W. W. Norwood; secretary, Mr. G. W. Laughton; assistant secretary, W. Clarkson; 1st team captain, Mr. A. Walker, vice-captain, Mr. F. Tomlinson; 2nd team captain, Mr. P. parker, vice-captain, Mr. G. Crowcroft; Thursday team captain, Mr. W. W. Norwood, vice-captain Mr. W. Appleyard; delegates to Swinton Alliance, Messrs. F. Martin, P. Parkes, and the secretary: ground committee, Messrs. W. W. Norwood, J. Hall, A. Walker, R. V. Bedford, and the secretary: committee Messrs. J. Sellar, C. Wood, A. walker, C. Farrell, J. Westby, H. Milnes, W. Smith, F. Martin, S. Taylor, R.V. Bedford, A. Moody, P. Parkes, W.W. Norwood, J. Webster, H. Vine, A. Cusworth, W. Moore, S. Elliot, Thos. Oxley and W A Lugar.