Conisboro’ Garden Fete – Pleasant Gathering in Castle Grounds.

July 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 22 July 1922

Conisboro’ Garden Fete.

Pleasant Gathering in Castle Grounds.

A yesterday (Thursday) was favoured by fine but threatening weather.

The object was to raise funds for the repair and upkeep of the fabric of St Peter’s Church, and the church workers at put in a good deal of work. It was therefore very pleasing to them to see response of the public, for the fête was very well attended.

The proceedings were opened by Mr W Dyson, J.P., of Hooton Roberts. The vicar, the Reverend W.A. Strawbridge, M.A., made a statement regarding the project.

Mr W Clarkson, the treasurer of the Church Council and Mr G.S.Wallace, the secretary of the Council, proposed and seconded a vote of thanks to Mr Dyson.

During the afternoon and early evening the Ivanhoe String Band played selections.

At 6 o’clock their place was taken by number of the smaller girls of the Sunday School, who very cleverly rendered a number of folk dances, the maypole dance being particularly well done, and credit is due to Miss Matthews for the way in which they had been trained.

Entertainment was provided, there being wax shows and conjuring entertainment. In addition, there were stalls galore for extracting the nimble coppers. Included in these were hoopla, check board, coconut shies, dolly stalls, darts, ball boards, “hidden treasure,” shooting and football games.

The character read and the “mysterious lady” were also well patronised. There were also stalls where various useful articles were on display, and refreshment and teas were provided in the marquees and tents lent by the Saint John Ambulance Brigade.

Councillor W Smith acted as secretary, and Mr W Pearson assistant secretary.

The Conisbrough subscription Brass Band played for dancing towards dusk.