Conisboro’ Hospital Board – Exchange of Pleasantries

June 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 17th 1911

Conisboro’ Hospital Board

Exchange of Pleasantries

The monthly meeting of the Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital Board was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Conisboro’ Isolation Hospital, Mr Henry Baker (Conisboro’) presiding.

Others present were Messrs T Athron, J.P., J Ward, J Clayton, C Ward (Mexborough), P Snow (Adwick), J Parker (Thurnscoe), WH Appleyard (Conisboro’) with the clerk Mr H.M.Marsh and the Medical Superintendent Doctor WJ McClure.

Medical Report

The Medical Superintendent reported that there were at the beginning of the month of May, 23 patients, 17 case of scarlet fever, five of enteric and one of diphtheria. There had been admitted 11 cases of scarlet fever and five of typhoid; and 17 had been discharged, 12 of scarlet fever, two enteric and three of diphtheria. There was thus remaining 22, 16 scarlet fever, two enteric and four of diphtheria.

Coronation Festivities

In her journal the Matron enquired, “Are the committee granting anything extra for the Matron and staff Coronation Day?”

The Chairman: I think, if we do, the matron should remain at home to help distribute, and make comfort and happiness here. I was surprised to learn the other day that she was taking a holiday, and intended to see the Coronation in London.

Mr Clayton: You would not be so surprised to learn that I’m going to be there as well. (Laughter.)

The Chairman: I should be surprised if you didn’t go, now that you have got such a smashing motorcar. (Laughter.)

Mr Parker: You will not put this down, please Mr Reporter? (Laughter.)

The Chairman: Oh yes, put it down. If Mr Clayton begins, let him have it.

The Matron, on been summoned, expressed her willingness to remain in charge of the Hospital, and to defer her holiday until after the Coronation.

Coming to the question of the form the Coronation festivities at the Hospital should take, Mr Clayton said he noticed that the Conisboro’ people were erecting a bonfire just below the hospital, and the patients would have a good view of that.

Mr Ward: It is throwing away the money that is being given.

Mr Ellie moved that a good gramophone be hired for the day.

Coronation Mugs

Mr Athron asked whether the children could have Coronation mugs.

The Clerk suggest that he should write the various Coronation Committees asking them not to forget the children from their district who were in the Hospital.

Mr Clayton: There are no mugs for them at Mexborough.

The Chairman: Yes, I have noticed that your loyalty at Mexborough has been of a very poor sort. I was sorry to see it.

Mr Atherton: Conisboro’ received the rates in this place; they have a right to provide the mugs.

The Chairman: You Mexborough gentlemen get a good deal out of this place. But I am going to move that we members personally provide mugs for the children in the hospital – good ones, about six pence apiece.

Mr Appleyard seconded.

The Clerk: You can’t pass a resolution compiling a member to subscribe anything out of his own pocket. It would be ultra vires.

The Chairman: I am very sincere on this, and I should be glad to have the feeling of the meeting.

Mr Clayton: I think we can very well leave the matter to the Chairman. (Laughter.)

The Chairman: We are not going to fall out about it. If you want me to do it, and you say you can afford to do it, Miss Appleyard and I will no doubt attend to it.

Mr Snow and Mr Drury offered to subscribe, and the resolution was laughingly carried.


The tender of Messrs E.A. and F. Clayton, Mexborough, for groceries was accepted; of Mr Sargen, Conisboro’, for meat; of Mrs Clarkson, Conisboro’ for confectionery; and of the National Fish Company for fish.

More Pleasantries

In dealing with an account for rugs and curtains from proctors of Sheffield, Mr Ward of these things could not have been got in Mexborough.

The Chairman said the matron went to Mexborough, but could not buy the article inside a price stipulated by the Board.

Mr Wood: She’s a poor buyer then.

The Chairman: You see, Mr Wood they don’t make their money so fast as they did when you were in business. (Laughter.)