Conisboro’ In Clover – Mrs Walker Gives another Recreation Ground

April 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 08 April 1911

Conisboro’ In Clover.

Mrs Walker Gives another Recreation Ground

Further Generous Offer

We have to announce a further evidence of the generosity of Mrs. Godfrey Walker, in the shape of another gift of land for use as a recreation ground.

Mr. H. L. Smethurst (chairman of the Conisboro’ Parish Council), in a notice convening a meeting of the Council for Tuesday last. wrote:—

” I have received a further letter this morning from Mrs. Godfrey Walker, that she is desirous of presenting another recreation ground of about 2 ½ acres, situate in Garden Lane, to the public of Conisboro’.

Mrs. Walker will put up an unclimbable fence and lay the ground out. She is desirous of knowing early whether the offer will be accepted, that this area may be included along with the other two groands. Mrs. Walker states that three is a lucky number and hopes that this will bring good luck to all. As you are aware, there is a population of over 1,000 in the immediate vicinity.”

Despite the somewhat unfriendly weather, the following gentlemen met in Ivanhoe Road, the site of the new recreation ground —Councillors H. L. Smethurst (chairman), S. J. Bridges, A. Moody, Hulme, Hirst and W. H. Appleyard, with Mr. A. Wilson (clerk), and Mr. W. Jones .Mrs. Walker’s generosity was referred to with enthusiasm, and it was decided to accept the offer on behalf of the people of Conisboro’, gratefully. The site was carefully inspected, and it was decided to lay it out properly, with an asphalts footpath approach; twelve seats round the boundaries, the whole being enclosed by an unclimbable fence. At one end a space about forty yards deep will be reserved for the children, and here swings will be installed.

The land is in the occupation of Mr. Barnett W. Clarkson, and when the present crop of grain has been harvested the Parish Council will be able to get to work in real earnest. They anticipate commencing at once with the palisading, and the ground will be sown with grass along with the oats in readiness for next Spring, when the ground will be ready for opening to the public. When, but a month age, Conisboro’ had not one recreation ground to call its own, it is now one of the most richly endowed villages is Yorkshire in this respect.

This makes the third recreation ground given to Conisboro’ by Mrs. Godfrey Walker, who undertakes the cost of laying out the veiled in each case. Truly, this is a great Coronation year for Conisboro’.