Conisboro’ Inventor – Non-Explosive Humane Killer

September 1932

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 2nd, 1932

Conisboro’ Inventor

Non-Explosive Humane Killer

A non-explosive humane killer for use on horses, cattle and sheep has been patented by a native of Conisborough now a well-known meat trader in Doncaster, Mr. R. Gabbitass.

For many years Mr. Gabbitass, who for a considerable period worked in Cadeby Main Colliery, has been experimenting on humane killing devices, mainly for use on pit pones.  The strong point urged in favour of the new instrument is that it can be used by anyone with the utmost safety.  It consists of two mechanically operated spring clips and a bolt.  The clips are pulled outwards, in which position they are retained by levers.  When the instrument is placed on an animal’s head, the levers are pressed in, releasing the clips, which automatically grip the animals head in the correct position for stunning.  The bolt, which represents the spike of a pole-axe, has a mushroom shaped head which is struck with a mallet.  The instrument renders the animal unconscious instantly without the risk of failure and danger which there is in using the pole-axe or an explosive instrument.

Mr. Gabbitass, who has formed a small company for the manufacture of the instrument, was for a long period a grocer in Conisborough and a popular member of the Fire Brigade.  He is vice-president of the Doncaster Butchers’ Association.  He has received favourable reports on his invention from the Minister of Mines, and has already supplied the instrument to local collieries.