Conisboro’ Man in Trouble at Southport – Alleged Fraud.

February 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 3, 1928

Alleged Fraud.

Conisboro’ Man in Trouble at Southport.

On a charge of having obtained by false pretences £10 and two watches, valued at £12 5s., the property of George Tarbuck, a furniture and antique dealer, of London Street, Southport, Charles Gething (30), of March Street, Conisboro’, was remanded for one week at Southport on Monday.

The Chief Constable said the accused went into Mr. Tarbuck’s shop, and, giving the name of Albert Smith. of 10, Rawlinson road, Southport (a residential street), selected furniture and two watches, valued at £190, and tendered a cheque for £200, payable to “Albert Smith, Junior,” and drawn by “Albert Smith,” who, he said, was his father. The cheque was a Christmas present from him, he added. The letter and the envelope he produced seemed to correspond with that statement. He received £10 in change and took the watches with him. Mr. Harry Parish, who waited on him, found that the cheque was not endorsed and went to Rawlinson road. From what was said to him there he informed the police, and the accused was arrested at Doncaster.

Gething protested against being remanded in custody and said that when he arrived home in Yorkshire on Saturday, after lookng for work, he immediately surrendered, being told that he was wanted by the police. He also objected to the identification parade, saying that nine of the persons who identified him purposely looked for a particular scar on the face. He was suffering from malaria and was not fit to go to prison.

Bail was allowed the accused, himself in £50 and in two sureties of £50 each or one of £100.