Conisboro’ Man’s Death – Unhappy End to Friendly Football Game.

May 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 2 May 1930

Conisboro’ Man’s Death.

Unhappy End to Friendly Football Game.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned at the resumed inquest at Bradford on Wednesday on William Leslie Boot a Conisboro’ man, employed by the L.N.E.R. Company as a locomotive fireman, and living in lodgings at 27, Paley Road, Bradford.

Boot collapsed while playing football is the Loco. yard at Bradford on April 19th. and died before he reached the Bradford infirmary.

William Watson Rushton, of Bradford, said he was playing football in the yard at the time, and Boot appeared to “charge” another player who was about to kick the bell. Boot’s stomach came in contact with the other man’s shoulder, and he collapsed after saying he was “winded.”

An ambulance was summoned, but Boot died before admission to the infirmary.

Other witnesses gave similar evidence, and it was further stated that Boot and the player with whom be collided were good friends, and that the game was a friendly one.

A doctor said Boot had an abrasion on the body and internally was suffering from a rupture of the liver. There was a ruptured cyst and internal bleeding. Death was due to shock and internal hemorrhage due to the injuries. It was probable that the cyst was of some years’ standing, and consequently a comparatively light blow would be sufficient to cause death. right here


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