Conisboro’ Notes – Association of Ratepayers – The Changeover – Summer Ends

September 1906

Mexborough & Swinton Times September 1, 1906

Conisboro’ Notes.

Association of Ratepayers

Many places have an Association of Ratepayers, whose principal duty it is to keep an ever-watchful eye upon the public expenditure of popularly-elected councils. There is no doubt that such Associations make for economy. As one walks abroad in Conisboro’, and views the untidy streets the indifferent road surfaces, and now and again samples the varying and never-to-be-forgotten smells, one really wonders what is done with all the money which is collected in rates. I am therefore glad to hear that it is proposed to form a ratepayers’ association for Conisboro’. In fact, before these lines appear, such an association will, in all probability, be an accomplished fact. A preliminary meeting was held some weeks ago, at which a committee was formed to draw up rules, and to prepare some kind of constitution. These gentlemen have done the work given them, and a larger meeting was called by circular, to consider and adopt these rules, on Wednesday evening.

The Changeover

The cricket season is over, or nearly so, and already a move is being made by the football clubs, whose members are already doing the round of the village, soliciting subscriptions.

Summer Draws to a Close

The street lamps have also been re-pained, and the glass shades put in position. The summer draws to a close, dark night are at hand.

This week has been a glorious time for the farmers, who are hard at work getting in their corn crops. The threshing machine has been busy on more than one farm.

During the vacation at the various schools the rooms are being thoroughly cleaned and repaired.