Conisboro’ Notes – Church Events and Benefit Concert

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times March 18th, 1905.

Conisboro’ Notes – Events

The various religious organisations in Conisboro’ seem to have had a good many events recently which one has been called upon to note. On Thursday the 9th March a service of song, entitled ‘Christy’s Old organ,’ was given at the Baptist Church. There was a capital audience. The lantern was brought into requisition, and this part of the work was under the able direction of Mr. G. W. Laughton. The reader was Miss Lucy Marsh, and the musical parts were rendered by the members of the band of hope. The whole affair was a great success and should much encourage those who are responsible for the management of the band of hope.

A substantial tea was recently given at the Wesleyan Sunday school to all those who have taken part in the recent revival services at the Wesleyan chapel. About three hundred were present. I understand the tea was given by Messrs. B. J. Clarkson and C. Kilner, whose generosity was much appreciated.

The Lenten services have begun at the Parish Church, and on Sunday evening the Vicar preached a sermon on the first three rubies of the Communion Service.
The candidates for Confirmation are attending preparation classes, and I am glad to hear a good number are coming forward.

I hear that it is shortly intended to carry out somewhat extensive alternations at the Conisboro’ Gas Works. The demand for gas has increased so much that it is imperative that further holding space should be supplied.

Benefit Concert at Conisboro’.
A benefit concert, in aid of Fred Bingham, who has been off work for some two years through an accident at the Cadeby Colliery, will take place at the Conisboro’ Castle Working-men’s Club on Saturday evening. Mr. Henry Baker is billed to take the chair.

Conisboro’ Wesleyan Church.
A visit was made to the Wesleyan Church on Thursday evening of Madame Strathearn, of the Bermondsey College, London, when she told her story of conversion ‘From the stage to the Cross.’ She also rendered in splendid manner ‘Light in Darkness,’ ‘The Promised Land,’ ‘The Lord is my Light,’ and ‘Sabbath memories.’ Mr. Caleb Kilner presided.