Conisboro’ Notes – Low Road Water Problems

January 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 4, 1908

Conisboro’ Notes.

Inhabitants on the Low Road who live in close proximity to the Conisboro’ Brook, find that when that stream is high the water of late has found its way into their cellars.

During the late rains, this often occurred, and I understood that all the time the stream was so high as to flood these cellars. The shuttle in the course of the brook, which was put down some years ago, in order to enable water to be taken more easily from the brook, was down, and thus the water was held up, instead of being allowed its free course to the river.

Moreover, there is I am told, no person known to these people, to whom they may apply to have the shuttle raised at the time when the water is high. Surely it should be the duty of some person to keep a watchful eye on the brook and raise the shuttle when the state of the water demands it.

I understand a person was appointed to do this work originally, but that the appointment lapsed.

People whose cellars are flooded should make representations to the Parish Council, who will no doubt see that the matter is brought to the notice of the Highway or other committee whose duties embrace this particular work.