Conisboro’ Notes – Musical Soiree – New Year’s Gathering – Choral Society – Brutal Assault

January 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 18 January 1901

Conisboro’ Notes.

A detailed account of the organ opening at the Church, also an outline of Canon Eyre’s excellent sermon, will be found on page 2.

An interesting trial will take place at Doncaster on Saturday, in connection with a recent robbery of a treasurer’s money.

A Band of Hope lies been commenced in connection the Baptist Church. About 40 members were enrolled at the first meeting, and the following officials were appointed —

President, Mr. W. Jerome; vice-president, Mr. Joseph Marsh; secretary, Mr. J. Beaumont: treasurer, Mr. A. Laughton.

On Thursday evening a grand social gathering and musical soiree in connection with the Conisborough Choral Society was held in the Church schoolroom, and a good number were present. Games were freely indulged in, and glees, songs, and part songs were tastefully rendered by several members of the Choral Society.

Mr. A. Pratt, of Queen’s College, Oxford, as a humanist has but few superiors, and during a rather lengthy performance of capricious humour end stump-speeches kept the audience in an almost continuous roar of hearty laughter.

On Tuesday the members of the Denaby Main and District Choral Society will hold a rehearsal. Such an excellent society deserves every encouragement, is bound to succeed if the members will only attend the rehearsals. The work in hand is Farmer’s “Christ and His Soldiers,” which will be given in March next.

I am glad to learn from Mr. J. Hill that the Denaby Main Institute is in a very flourishing condition. With a library consisting of 1,500 volumes, there is no wonder that such an institution is popular.

Two miners have this week been sent to prison for a brutal tumult on Mr. William Hatton, a well-known Conisborough resident. It is time strong measures were adopted in such cases, as they are now occurring too often.

On Thursday evening a large company was present at the Rossington Street school room, Denaby Main, on the occasion of a “New Year, Social Gathering,” promoted by the choir and congregation of the Denaby Main Parish Church. Dancing was freely indulged in, whilst four non-dancers smart and interesting drawing room games were introduced. Songs. etc., were rendered by members of the choir.

Mr. W. H. Chambers pleased the audience by one or two baritone songs, Mr. M. Soar. Mr. H. S. Witty, Mies Soar, and Miss E. Wall also sang. . Professor Tolini, of Mexborough, has pleased and amused more than one Denaby audience with his excellent musical abilities and eccentricities. His performance on the handbells and glasses was simply charming. He imitated a full peal of eight church belle with accuracy: equally well was his imitation of Conisbrough’s three bells; then he gave, amidst general laughter, the “pang pang” of the present Denaby Church bell,  as it was at the School Church, then the ping ping” of the present Denaby Church bell, and finally the full peal that perhaps might be the “future” bells of Denaby.

Some excellent pictures were shown by a magic lantern, manipulated by Mr. L. Robinson