Conisboro’ Notes – Religious Life

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times. March 4th, 1095.

Conisboro’ Notes.

Conisboro’ at the present moment is, as far as its religious life is concerned being shaken up. On Saturday we had a torchlight procession of those who profess to have felt the quickening influence of a call to live nearer to the Saviour.

These bold spirits went from one public house to another towards closing time, bearing torches in their hands, and at the outside of the houses in question a short religious service was held. The mission services were continued on Sunday at the Wesleyan Chapel, and crowded seats were the rule all day, but particularly in the evening. In the afternoon an eye-witness of the Welsh revival scenes gave his experiences.

The Baptist Church tea and concert on Thursday afternoon and evening was very well patronised, and I hope the results came up to expectation.

The proceed of the Convalescent Home Concert are reported to amount to about £5. This is hardly up to the concert’s results of the previous year, but still the amount is very creditable.

The teachers of the Station Road schools gave a social evening in the large hall of the infants’ department on Thursday evening, in aid of the Teachers Orphanage.

The Conisboro’ Church choir hope to see their friends at their concert on Monday evening, March 6th, in the Church Sunday school.