Conisboro’ Notes.

March 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 4, 1898

Conisboro’ Notes.

“Ivanhoe.” writes:

The popular troupe of vocalist and instrumentalist’s known as the Meier Family are visiting Conisborough next Monday and Tuesday. Remembering how well their former visits have been patronised it is not too much to anticipate that the Board Schools will be crowded during the two nights of their present visit.

I hear that -the social evening held last week at the Wesleyan Chapel in connection with the Band of Hope was of a highly interesting character. A splendid tea was provided, the following ladies taking a leading part: Mrs. J. W. Sargentson. Mrs F. Senior, Mrs. R. Piper. Mrs. E. Pagdin and Miss Senior. Mr. B. J. Clarkson also contributed goods towards the evening’s enjoyment, his portion being eagerly sought by the juveniles present.

The Denaby Main Colliery Company have already commenced making the reservoir for storing a supply of water for their cottages at Denaby Main. A site has been obtained on what is known as the “Garden Lane,” which I should consider the best position in the parish, as the water will have a good fall to the cottages it is intended to supply. The water will be pumped direct from the Cadeby Colliery into the reservoir from whence it will be drawn as required.

I am glad to be able to report that our Parish Council are keeping the question of a water supply for Conisborough well to the front. A special committee meeting was held on Monday evening, and although their deliberations are not for publication, I can say, without betraying any of the Council’s secrets, that they are making, all the headway possible, and unless some unforeseen circumstance happens to prevent- further progress, Conisborough ought to have an efficient supply of excellent water from Sheffield during the next few months.

Mr. George White. C.E., was present at the meeting and on making an engagement with the Council for March 11th, reminded the members that it would be 34 years on that day since the great Sheffield flood.

The annual examination of the Men’s St. John Ambulance Association took place last evening (Thursday). in the Board Schools.

With reference to my note of last week anent the position of family doctor to the employees of Cadeby Colliery, although it was originally intended that the voting should take place last Friday as I intimated, yet it was found impossible to get the necessary preparations made so the election takes place to-day (Friday). Dr. McCall’s term in office expired some days ago, and Dr. Craik has kindly taken charge of all cares requiring attention in the interim, and until the result is known.

All the Liberal members on the present Parish Council have signified their willingness to serve another year, and have, accordingly been nominated for the position.