Conisboro’ Parish Council – Proposed Open Air Bath – The Allotments Question.

June 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 24th 1911

Conisboro’ Parish Council.

Proposed Open Air Bath.

The Allotments Question.

The monthly meeting of the Conisbrough Parish Council was held on Wednesday evening at the Morley Place schools, the Chairman Mr H.L.Smethurst, presiding.

Others present were Messrs R Williamson, A Moody, V Rose, W.W. Norwood, W Appleyard, A Sykes, S Urch, J Hirst, A Hulme, E Brook, W I Gibbs, S J Bridges, with the clerk Mr Wilson.

Mr Gibbs had to leave early on account of an important engagement, and presented his report on the cemetery footpath. He had visited the cemetery a few days ago, and found everything in proper order. The workmen would be able to start the new one in a few days.

Open Air Baths

The Chairman said he had some very important information to present to the Council. He had had an interview with a Mr Cooper, who had offered to lease a piece of land situate near to the recreation ground for the purpose of erecting an open-air bath. The site was a most suitable one, was pretty well closed in and, if baths were erected, the water could drain into the brook. They had to leave the matter of that the water for further consideration, and he thought that next season open-air baths might be arranged for. The land measured hundred feet in length and 40 feet in breadth. He (the Chairman) was of the opinion that the baths would be a great benefit to the village.

Mr Urch moved that the Council go and inspect the site a fortnight hence.

Mr Sykes seconded and it was carried.

Walker Park

Mr Moody said people kept asking him was going to pay for the upkeep of the park. The people thought they were undertaking something which they could not go on with.

Mr Urch: Surely they are not trembling by now Mr Moody.

Mr Moody: Oh yes, they are.

Mr Bridges: I think that a shilling rate will keep it on.

The Chairman: One and sixpence ought to do it. (Laughter.)

The Coronation

The Chairman referred to the programme of the Coronation celebrations, which stated that the council should walk in the procession.

The Chairman: I hope the council will attend.

Mr Appleyard thought the council should go and wait on the old people at the tea. There was plenty of work the Councillors could find to do.

Mr Bridges: Yes, it would be very nice.

Mrs Walker’s Generosity

The Chairman said he had received several communication from Mrs Godfrey Walker in respect of the silver cup which the Council was to present to her in response to her generosity. She was very pleased with the kind action of the Council, but had decided to return it to the Council as a memento of a memorable occasion. (Hear, hear.)

“It is a true kind of socialism,” was the Chairman’s remark.

Allotment Rents Overdue

Referring to the minutes of the last meeting, the Chairman said the majority of the owners of the Parish Council allotment gardens in Conisbrough and Denaby Main owed a  considerable amount of rent. He wished to know what could be done in the matter. The Parish Council been very good to the holders in providing timber fencing, but, he was sorry to say, it had not been put to its proper use. Instead of building fences they had used the wood for pig styes.

Mr Moody moves that proceedings be taken against them at a specified time.

Mr Rose seconded, and the resolution was unanimously carried.

It was decided that a meeting of the combined allotment committees be held on Tuesday week at 7:30 pm.

The Chairman: This allotment question is on a very poor basis. The whole thing wants going into and putting on a proper sound footing. (Hear, hear)

The Clerk presented each member with a white rosette, to be worn on Coronation day.