Conisboro’ Parish Council – Refuse Destructor for Denaby & Conisborough.

June 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 22 June 1912

Conisboro’ Parish Council

Refuse Destructor for Denaby and Conisborough.

Several minor matters ware considered at the usual monthly meeting of the Conisborough Parish Council held on Wednesday.

The members present were: Messrs Smethurst (presiding) Williamson, Rose, Moody, Hirst and Urch.

For the grazing rights of the Minnimoor, John Taylor’s tender of £2 was accepted.

Pillar Box

The Chairman remarked there that there had been some negotiations with the erection of a pillar box outside the station gates. There was a box at present in the station, but the Post Office Authority thought it would be an improvement to put up a pillar box in its place. They had asked permission to do this. It would be on the footpath but out of the way of the traffic.

Permission was granted.

Public Baths

With respect to the application to the Local Government Board for a loan for the provision of baths at Conisborough, said the Chairman, a reply been received. They wanted to know how the £2209 (cost of baths) was made up, and they also required full details of the tender. Had the consent of the County Council be given, and would the Parish Council send them a cloth drawing of the plan, were other things they wanted to know. A request was also made for a copy of the minute showing the Council decision.

All the things they wanted information about have been supplied to them, and explained that the reason the County Council had not been consulted was because the Parish Council were of the opinion that approval would come as a matter of course as the consent of the Local Government Board have been obtained.

His idea was, said the Chairman, that the building will take the greater part of the winter to finish it.

Fencing of the Cricket Field

Concerning the fencing off of the recreation ground, and the cricket field, the Chairman reported that he had made full enquiry into the cost, and come to the conclusion that an iron fence was too dear. A creolise fence would do equally as well, and Mrs Walker, who was going to bear the expense, agreed to this.

The cost will be 120 yards at 5/6 a yard, making a total of somewhere about £33.

Mrs Walker was thanked for their gift.

A Destructor in View.

The Chairman brought to the notice of the Council the fact that they were considering at Doncaster the provision of a destructor for Denaby and Conisborough combined. There were large heaps of refuse at Denaby and Conisborough, and very often people were seen scraping about these. It had been finally decided that a destructor should be obtained, and they were having estimates prepared.

A committee had been appointed to fully inquire into the matter. The cost will be somewhere around £3,000.

Representatives from the Council would have to meet them and consider the scheme. He considered that a resolution expressing the opinion that the scheme is advisable should be passed and sent to the Doncaster Rural District Council.

Mr Williamson proposed, Mr Urch seconded, and the resolution will be sent to Doncaster.

Other business was of a formal character.