Conisboro’ Relief Committee – Some Remarkable Figures

June 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 25th 1921

Conisboro’ Relief Committee.

Some Remarkable Figures.

The Conisborough and Denaby Relief Committee claims to have done more, in the way of relief, than any other district with a comparable population in the country. Its fund was formed at the end of the third week of the stoppage, and in the eight weeks that have elapsed since then 275,000 meals have been given to children, at the rate of 4,600 a day. For the greater part of that time, one meal has been issued to each child every day, but now there are six distributions a week. The children are given, variously, soup, bread, potted meat, butter, cocoa, and jam.

The central depot, is the Working Men’s Club, at Denaby Main and the Eagle and Child Inn, Conisboro’, is a sub-centre.

There are also special depots, supervised at Conisboro’ by Mrs. Farrell and at Denaby by Mrs. Oxley, for maternity cases.

At Denaby Main Hotel 1,200 children are fed, and other centres at which meals are given rare the Wesleyan Chapel and the Methodist Chapel, Denaby; the Eagle and Child, Conisborough: the Wesleyan Chapel, Conisborough; and the Castle Inn, Conisboro’. There have been over a hundred maternity cases dealt with since the coal dispute commenced. Two loans of £500 each have been received from the local miners’ fund, and three grants of £70 each from the “Daily Herald” fund. The glass workers have given £50. The officials at Denaby and Cadeby have given very generously, and so have the tradespeople and private residents.

The other day Mr. Joseph Humble, of Crookhill Hall, managing director of the Yorkshire Main Colliery, sent a pig; Mr. A. Lee, farmer, of Old Denaby, slaughtered a beast and sent the meat. Local butchers have given very generously. So far there has been no lack either of money or material, and the Relief Committee has sufficient in hand to continue the work on the present scale for another fortnight. No adults, except nursing mousers, are fed from the fund. The president of the Relief Committee is Mr. Tom Hill, the chairman Mr. W. I. Gibbs, the treasurer Mr. J. Shelton, and the secretary Mr. G. Smith.