Conisboro’ Suicide – A Sad Family History – Third Hanging.

February 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 30 January 1931

Conisboro’ Suicide
A Sad Family History.
Third Hanging.

When a verdict of “suicide while of unsound mind” was recorded at an inquest at Conisborough, on Friday, on David Thomas (43), a fruiterer of 39, Church Street, Conisborough, it was revealed that both Thomas’s parents had committed suicide.

Thomas was found hanging from some rope from a beam in a stable at the rear of his premises on Wednesday night.

The inquiry was conducted by the Doncaster district coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile ).

Ethel Thomas. wife, who gave evidence of identification said she last saw her husband alive at about 4.50 p.m. on Wednesday. He had been more than usually depressed for the last fortnight though since a serious illness two years before, which had left hint with a weak heart, he had been in a depressed condition. He had previously attempted to take his life last April when he tried to gas himself.

“On that, occasion.’ said Mrs. Thomas.’ “I found him and stopped him. He seemed to know very little about it afterwards. He had not threatened to take his life since.

In reply to further questions witness said her husband’s parents had both committed suicide by drowning. There was nothing else for him to worry about besides his condition of health.

Vera Thomas, daughter, said about 7-30 p.m. on Wednesday, she went to the back door to call her father from the stable. “My sister told me he had gone there.” She continued. “I asked him what he was doing and he said ‘Nothing.’ I said ‘You cannot see to do anything without light.’ He replied ‘I can see to do what I am doing.’ He then came into the living room, lit a cigarette and fetched some coal and then he went through to the shop and out into the street.” Witness did not see him return but was told he had gone down the side passage and back to the stable. She stood at the end of the passage.

The coroner: Were you keeping a watch on him then?

Witness: I thought it was strange for him to be in the stable without a light. I again went out and called him but got no answer. I suspected something was wrong and went for assistance.

Edward Maxfield milk dealer, of 2, Church Street, said he was fetched to the Thomas’s house a little after 7.30 on Wednesday night. He was told Miss Thomas could get no answer from her father who was in the stable and she thought there was something wrong up the yard. “I took my lamp and went across,” went on Maxfield. “The door was not fastened but just snecked. I switched on my light and found Mr. Thomas hanging by some orange box rope from a beam about 9ft. from the ground. There was a barrow which he had apparently stood on and then pushed away and dropped.” Artificial respiration was tried and Dr. Clark wall sent for straight away but was unable to do anything.

The Coroner in recording a verdict as stated said “It is clear deceased took his life and apparently he has been troubled for some time a result of a serious illness. There will be a verdict that be committed suicide while of unsound mind. I should like to express my sympathy with you Mrs. Thomas. I  am sure it is a terrible thing that both his parents died in this way.