Conisborough U.D.C. – An “Edgar Wallace” Mystery. “Missing Voucher.”

September 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 5 September 1930

Conisboro’ U.D.C.

An “Edgar Wallace” Mystery.

“Missing Voucher.”

Arising out of the minutes, Mr. C. Webster referred once more to the “missing voucher” case. Since the last meeting the woman to whom the voucher was given had visited him, and he was satisfied that she, was not responsible for the state of affairs that prevailed, The woman had undergone a good deal of “skitting,” and he thought it was only fair to state that the ‘Council should exonerate her from all blame and pass a vote of censure on those members of the Committee who gave her voucher.

In seconding the resolution, Mi. C. Webster said that in future, if further grants were received, a list of all the recipients should be compiled and published, because he understood that some of the members of the Council were “making a bit.”

The Chairman: We cannot pass a vote of censure, as we do not know who these people are.

Mr. J. Webster said that four members of the Council were on the Committee, so they could not mention names personally.

The Chairman: Seeing that we have had correspondence on the matter I think it should be closed.

Mr. T. Moran endorsed Mr. J. Webster’s remarks. “These things should not be allowed to slip,” he said. The more honourable way would be for the members of the Council who granted the voucher to own up to it.

Mr Gillott : Don’t let us have any messing about. It was no good the Council to pass a vote of censure on him , as he acted fairly . If there was to be a vote of Censure it had got to be on individuals, and not on the members of the Council who distributed the vouchers.

Mr. Collins: Why beat about the bush? Were we not all told that the late chairman of the Council was responsible for giving this voucher? Whether it is right or wrong, it is only right that the late chairman of the Council should clear himself if he can do so.

A Case For Edgar Wallace.

Mr. A. Roberts (the former chairman of the Council): The late chairman of the Council has nothing to clear himself of. He did not give that person the voucher.

Mr. J. Webster: That makes it an even greater mystery.

One by one, the members denied that they were responsible for granting the voucher, and the Chairman remarked, “We must have Edgar Wallace un it.”

Mr. Gillott: Let Edgar Wallace have a go at it, then. Did anyone give a voucher to someone else to give it to the woman?

Mr Chadfield: It is worse than playing at school.

Mr. J. Webster: It is not worse than playing at school. It is maladministration of public money.

Mr. C. Webster moved that in future, if similar giants were received, the list of recipients be published.

Mr. Roberts said that to his knowledge no member of the Council received a voucher. He agreed to Mr. Webster’s resolution, with the difference that a list of recipients be compiled for circulation amongst the members of the Council

Mr C. Webster: I will agree to that.

This was agreed to.

During further discussion Mr. Gillott asked Mr. Roberts if he gave a voucher to someone to give to the woman concerned.

Mr. Roberts: No.

The resolution was passed unanimously.

A member: What is the use of it?

Mr. C. Webster: The public know, and will draw their own conclusions.


A letter was read from Messrs. John Wood and Co., London, asking the Council it they required land for building Council houses, or a large mansion for institution purposes. They were agents for the sale of property that character.

The Clerk pronounced the letter as curious.

Mr. Roberts: Would they define the institution? (Laughter.)

The letter was allowed to lie on the table.


In the absence of Mr. Gomersall, Mr. Collins drew the attention of the Council to a Denaby boy’s gallant rescue. The lad, John Joseph Brookes (13), 1, Glasshouse Row, Denaby, pulled a lad of 10 out of the river Don, and be suggested that the Council should endeavour to obtain recognition of the deed.

It was decided to forward particulars to the proper quarter, and that a grant of two guineas be made from the Council’s funds, subject to the sanction of the Ministry.

Rent Arrears.

At a meeting of the Finance Committee, held prior to the Council, the question of rent arrears was dealt with, and it was decided to deal with each case on its merits. Further investigations were deterred until the next meeting of the housing and town planning committee.


The Clerk’s agreement with the Council was discussed in committee.

The Post Office Telephone Department has been asked to provide a telephone kiosk on Old Road.

Permission has been granted Council house tenants to erect tool sheds subject to the approval of plans.

Mr. G. Brocklesby (the Accountant) has offered a strip of land for a footpath. This will necessitate the provision of steps between Holywell Land and Holywell footpath, and the erection of a handrail. The Council has accepted the offer, and the improvement, which is to cost £200, will be carried out in the near future.