Conisboro’ U.D.C. – Missing Voucher – Memorial Park – Open Air Baths

August 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 August 1930

An Unsolved Mystery.

Apparently the last has been heard of the “missing voucher.” During the administration of a grant from the Coalfields’ Distress Fund last year, a voucher was issued in the name of a person named Pickering and cashed by a person named Pickard.

When Mr. J. Webster asked for an investigation the application form could not be found, and eventually the matter was referred to the headquarters of the Fund.

The Clerk now read a letter from Major Johnson, Assistant Secretary of the West Riling Divisional Committee, in which he stated that as the Fund had been closed it would serve no useful purpose to pursue the matter, and he asked the Committee to take no further action. It was assumed that the account in respect of the voucher had been paid.

Mr. J. Webster: The only comment I have to make is that in future the public should be very careful about contributing to a fund that is to be publicly administered—or mal-administered. The Clerk suggested that the committee be called together after the holidays to wind up its affairs. If it was desired the matter could be further investigated there.

Mr. J. Webster: Yes that was only the start. We had four other oases to investigate.

The Clerk: No doubt headquarters do not want to go to any trouble they can avoid.

The Sanitary and Highways Committee recommended that the Ministry of Health be pressed  to grant an interview for a deputation on the question of Denaby Main street improvements, and Mr. H. Gomersall said that the application had been granted

Warned Off.

The Denaby Memorial Park, or land which to be laid out as a memorial park, was recently taken over from the trustees, by the Council, who have allowed amusement caterers to use it.

Mr. J. Gomersall said a letter had been received from the former trustees of the land complaining of the Council’s action, and it had been decided that in future amusement caterers be not allowed to erect their apparatus on the land.

The open-air bath behind the football ground in Black Lane is to be dismantled.

Mr. Gomersall reported that at a special meeting of the Council it was decided that, as the Council had taken over the Welfare Bath, the open-air bath would serve no useful purpose. It was dilapidated, and as it would cost £80 to restore the council decided that it should be dismantled and filled in