Conisboro’ United Brass Band Concert. (videos)

December 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 7, 1888

Conisboro’ United Brass Band Concert.

An annual concert in connection with the Conisboro’ United Brass Band took place in the Board schoolroom, Conisboro’, on Monday evening.

No pains had been spared by those who had the venture in hand to make it a complete success, and the crowded audience were well satisfied with the musical fare provided. So great was the demand for tickets that many persons were turn away from the doors, and it may safely be said that never in the history of, Conisboro’ has there been a more successful gathering.

Besides the local talent, which is of no mean order, the services of Mr. Watson(comic), of Sheffield, and. Mr. J. Dawson, of Mexboro’, had been engaged, while Mrs. Gibson kindly lent her aid and gently added to the attraction of the programm .

In addition to the Conisboro’ members of the band, their ranks were considerably augment d by drafts from the Mexboro’ United Brass Band, a good feeling, deserving of encouragement thus being exhibited between the two organisations.

As for the selections which the combined bands rendered, they were given very creditably, and were received with applause. Mrs. Gibson, who was in fine form, was encored in both her songs, and responded to one of them; while Mr. Keys and Mr. Watson also received marked proofs of favour. The latter was very amusing in his comicalities the ” gods ” especially, being demonstrative.

Mr. Dawson’s cornet solo was a masterpieoe. Altogether the concert, was a highly successful one, and we believe that the funds of the band will be greatly helped by the proceeds. The mail, train from Doncaster to Sheffield was stopped at Conislooro’ in accord with a wish expressed.

The following is the programme :– Fantasia, “Swiss miller,’ the band; song, “The white squall,” Mr. Bexlow; song;” Thou art come, sweet spring,” Mrs. Gibson; song, “Sister Mary walked like that,” Mr. Watson ; (encored), ” The bold -policeman “; cornet solo, “The plough boy,” Mr. Dawson ; duet; Messrs. Elliott and Schofield; (encored), ” Yankee and Irish boys” song, ” Monarch of the woods,” Mr. Keys ; song,. ” Granny,” Mr. Watson ; selection, Bohemian girl,” the band ; chorus, ” Hallelujah,” the band; song, “The,star of ,life,” Mrs. Gibson; song, “Blaggarding boat,” Mr., Watson; violin solo, ” Verdi’s Ernoni,” Mr. Shaw; song, “Nurse the boy,” Mr. Elliott (encored); “Rocked in the cradle of the deep,” Mr. Keys ; song ” Bonny Mary of Argyle,” Mr.Barlow (encored),” Galloping donkey ” valse, “Ross Dale, ” the band; National anthem.

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