Conisboro’ Urban Council Meeting – No “Soft Talk” – Medical Officer – Highway Matters etc

May 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 28 May 1921

Conisboro’ Urban Council

Mr. H. C. Harrison presided over a special meeting of the Conisboro’ Urban Council on Wednesday.

No “Soft Talk.”

After the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, Mr. Norwood remarked that they were the longest minutes he had ever heard. The Council had certainly got through their business expeditiously, and one good thing he had noticed was that there had been no “soft talk. ”

The sanction of the Ministry of Health to the appointment of Mr. H. Thirlwall as Inspector of Nuisances was received.

Appointment of Medical Officer.

There were three applications for the position of Medical Officer of Health, viz., Dr. J. McArthur (Denby). Dr. W. P. Maclure (Conishoro’), and Dr. A. B. Dunne, J.P. (Medical office of Health to their Doncaster Rural Council).

The question was put to the meeting, and the voting resulted as follows: Dr. McArthur 6, Dr Dunne 5, Dr. Maclure 3. The first two names were submitted again, and Dr. McArthur received nine votes, and Dr. Dunne five. Dr. McArthur was accordingly appointed.

Highway Matters.

A letter from the County Council stated that the Council’s complaint re the condition of the Doncaster-Tinsley main road was receiving attention.

The Chairman said within three days of the complaint being made the road been attended to by the County Council roadmen, and the holes complained of had been filled up “in a way.”

The County Council wrote inviting the Council to send representatives to the Doncaster District Town Planning Conference, and the Chairman submitted a report of what had been done at the previous conference, and expressed the opinion that the scheme was a good one and one which Doncaster and all other authorities in the district would do well to bear in mind if they contemplated building.

Mr. Brocklesby observed that the district had suffered in the past through the lack of a town planning scheme. He moved that the Chairman attend the next conference as the Council’s representative.—Carried.

Education Committee: Mr. Smith’s Ineligibility.

The decision of the County Council not to allow Mr. Smith to sit on the local Education Sub-committee because he was himself on the staff of one of the loyal schools, was again referred to. Mr. Smith said that after taking advice he had arrived at the conclusion that the County Council were unassailable on this point, and therefore he asked that his nomination for a seat on the committee should be withdrawn. The Chairman said he regretted this. The sub-committee would lose a very valuable member.

Mr. Smith added that it was hoped that the code would soon he unleaded.

Mr. George Hedworth was recommended for appointment to the committee.

Barnsley to Doncaster By Bus.

The Barnsley and District Traction Company wrote stating that they proposed extending their motor omnibus service from Wath to Doncaster, via Mexborough and Conisboro’. The Council decided to offer no objection.

The sewage works extension contractor wrote stating that as wages had been reduced at the rate of 2d. an hour, a proportionate allowance would be made in his contract price.

The three sewage works men employed by the Council asked for an increase similar to that granted to the Council’s mailmen at the ‘ last meeting.

Sauce for the Goose But Not for the Gander.

It was stated that the estimated cost for the construction of footpaths in Station road, work recommended by the Surveyor was £282.

Mr. Brocklesby said it was doubtful whether the rate levied would cover the expenditure for the half-year, and he moved that this work be postponed for six months.

Mr. Norwood second, remarking that there was absolutely no necessity for the work.

Sound discussion ensued, in the course of which the Chairman expressed the opinion that they should give their Surveyor credit for knowing precisely what required doing in connection with the local highways. Eventually it was decided to leave this matter over, but to complain to the County Council of the condition of the footpaths between the Denaby Picture Theatre and Balby street.

It was decided to purchase a tarp spraying machine at a coat of £145.