Conisboro’ Urban District

October 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 14, 1898

Conisboro’ Urban District

The West Riding General Purposes Committee have recommended the County Council to constitute the township of Conisborough and Denaby, and part of Cadeby into an urban district, to be !mown as the Conisborough Urban District, and to divide suds district into four wards, to be named East, Went, Central and Denaby.

The number of district councillors is to be twelve – one for the East, four each for the Central and West Wards, and-three for the Denaby Ward.

The committee, in their report to the County Council state that after carefully considering all the circumstances, they are clearly of opinion that it is desirable that an urban district should be constituted, and that such district should embrace the old village of Conisborough, as well as the Denaby Main district.

To exclude Old, Conisborough, as proposed by Denaby, would not only be disadvantageous from the point of view of sanitary and general administration, but by severing New Conisborough from the rest of the township, an undue burden would be thrown upon the remaining portion.

In the opinion of the committee, the constitution of such-.district is justified, by considerations of natural watershed, drainage of the district, situation and pursuits of the population, and general convenience of sanitary administration.

They further’ think that it would be, inexpedient to exclude from such district the rural portions of the township of Conisborough, having regard to the watershed and other circumstances; and it is to be borne in mind that the ‘rural and outlying portions of the township: of Conisborough, being already liable to contribute towards the rates for sanitary purposes, will probably, not be placed in a Worse position by reason of the constitution of a urban district.

The same remark apply to the Western portion of Denaby.

Cadeby appears to be on a different footing; it is severed from rest of the district by the river Don, the only connection being the private bridge belonging to the collieries company leading from their colliery in Cadeby to New. Conisborough.

The Colliery, with the adjacent works, should, the committee think be included in the proposed urban district and it would be convenient to take in a small area to the north of these works, and regard to the fall of the land.

It appears the committee, however, that Cadeby village and the rest of the township may properly be excluded from the proposed urban district, and with the West and surveyor they have agreed upon the boundaries which they now recommend. The area of the five wards gives a total of 6,587 acres, the population of the district being 9970; houses 1,993, ratable value £61,979.