Conisboro’ Vagrancy Problem.

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 6, 1928

Conisboro’ Vagrancy Problem.

James Bond, a labourer of no fixed abode, was charged at Doncaster on Tuesday with vagrancy.

P.c. Lund said that about 11-50 p.m. on Monday he found the prisoner sleeping near the Conisborough gas works. He roused him and asked him what he was doing sleeping there. Prisoner replied: “I have nowhere else to go.” Witness asked why he did not go to the workhouse at Balby, and prisoner replied: “I am not going them’: He was 70 years of age.

P.c. Huck said that Bond bad been at Conisborough for twenty years, having previously worked at Bolton-on.-Dearne. After his wife died, he continued to live in the house at Conisborough and looked after himself.

About six months ago, following a County Court action, he was evicted, and since then he had lived by begging and had slept near or at the gas works.

The Bench decided to remand Bond to the Workhouse for a week.