Conisboro’ Woman’s Plea.

August 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Time

Conisboro’ Woman’s Plea.

‘When the case against Robert Purdy, a Conisboro’ glasshand, was called, a woman stepped into the dock and shouted “Guilty.”

“You don’t know what he is charged with yet,” Supt. Hickes told her.

P.c. Watling then detailed Robert’s antics. The man was drunk and disorderly on Saturday week.

The woman said Robert was guilty, but he was not drunk, as he had had only three pints of beer.

“He hasn’t come here to tell us what he had,” said the Chairman.

“Five Shillings and costs.”

Candid Conisboro’ Woman.

“Yes, I’m guilty,” said Betsy Purity, married, of Conisboro’. “I did use abusive language.”

P.c. Knowles having told his story, the woman was fined half a crown and cost.

This was Betsy’s second appearance in the dock the same day. She had appeared in a previous case for a namesake of hers called Robert Purdy