Conisborough 55 Hickleton Main 53

13 July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 13 July 1900

Conisborough 55 Hickleton Main 53

These teams met for the first time this season in the Mexborough and District League, at Conisborough.

The home side batted first, on a hard wicket, in beautiful weather. On the previous Monday the grass on the outfield had been mown, and this considerably improved the appearance of the ground.

A Walker and P. W. Keys were the batsmen, and they had to face the bowling of F. Eyre and Ramsbottom. The start was a disastrous one as five wickets were down before 20 had been placed on the board. It must be admitted that Conisborough were short or three or four of their best batsmen, and at the same time they had to deal with of the best bowling in the League. At 23 H. Sharpe was smartly caught by Pinder, and W. W. Norwood then had the Conisborough pro. for his partner. Together they curried the score to 39, when Norwood halt to go, being cleverly caught at point by Williamson.

Bilbrough, who was playing the bowling with a greater degree of confidence than any of the other batsmen, remained, hut be was not well supported by E. Key. The latter was howled by Eyre at the second ball, his off stump being laid flat on the greensward without any addition to the score. A. Harrison followed, and another short stand was made. At this stage Eyre had taken four wickets for 15 runs.

The score rose merrily to 50. Bilbrough’s share in the partnership was seven and his total a well-played 16. He was dismissed by the same fielder that caught Norwood. Williamson’s smart work at point drew from the excellent crowd of spectators a round of applause. After Bilbrough had gone the end soon came, only three being added to the score. Hickleton Main had a good team, which included Humphries, the wicket- keeper, who has played this season several times with Derbyshire County.

Eyre and Ramsbottom bowled unchanged throughout the innings, and came out with almost precisely the same figures. The analysis was as under:-

Eyre       13 Overs  2 Maidens  25 runs  5 wickets
Ramsbottom 12 Overs 3 Maidens  25 runs  5 wickets 

As general rule 55 is none too great a total for Hickleton Main to rub off, and the Conisborough spectators, who are strong partisans, had to admit that there was a great likelihood of their team being beaten. But if the home eleven had started badly the opening stage of the visitors innings had a worse aspect.

Williamson and A. Higginbottom were rent m to face the bowling of George Hardy and Bilbrough. Williamson hit a two off the last ball of Hartley’s over, and before another run had been added Higginbottom fell to a lightning catch by Heady, in the slips off Bilbrough. Hardy then bowled a maiden. With the first ball of the next over Bilbrough clean bowled T. Langley, who had been sent to join Williamson, the more still standing at two. The spectators cheered with delight.

S Gratton was the next batsman, only to be caught by Harrison, off Bilbrough, with the score still at two. The success of the Conisborough pro. sent the spectators wild with enthusiasm, as up to this stage Bilbrough had taken three wickets for no runs. After rapidly losing three partners, Williameon added a series of three twos to the score, followed by three singles, and another two, when he was caught at cover slave by Day, off Hardy, with the score at 18 for four This was a trifle better than Conisborough record, about the same stage of their innings, as they had five wickets down for 18. With C. Hughes and J. Humphries together, more steadiness was infused into the batting. but runs were rather scarce for a while, as the Conisborough meu, with one or two exceptions showed much smarter fielding than their average form.

At 27,  Hardy managed to get both batsmen caught in the same over, the Rev. Strawbridge at point accounting for Hughes, and Sowden taking Humphries in tbe slips. Ramsbottom end Lloyd then got together. Ramsbottom showed some crisp batting and the time he left the wicket the total had been raised to 43, the partnership having realised 16 runs. Beckett, who followed Lloyd, failed to anything, his wicket falling without addition to the score. With Pinder for a partner Ramsbottom continued to bat steadily, but runs were few. One of Hardy ‘s fast deliveries was allowed to go for three byes, and the fifty was up.

Two more were added, and with Hickleton wanting only four to win, a nasty accident occurred which sent Pinder back to the pavilion with his left eyebrow severely cut. The batsmen played a ball from Hardy up his bat and on to his face. He was not able to continue playing, and his place was taken by F. Eyre,. The last man for Hickleton. Eyre failed to hold his end up, being caught by Sowden, and the leases had to submit to defeat by two runs only.

Bilborough was the most successful bowler of the two Conisbrough men, taking five wickets for 16 runs, while Hardy had three for 30.