Conisborough 81 Mr. C. Kemps Swinton XI 116

July 1905

Conisborough v. Mr. C. Kemps Swinton XL.

This friendly match, played on Monday, was of a most enjoyable character, a play being all the more appreciated by those participating on account of their being absent that feeling of keenness and high tension so noticeable in league cricket.

Mr Kemp captained the Swinton X I. And Mr Norwood the Conisborough team, which included two well-known Mexborough players.

Every detail of the play was of the truest friendly character. It was arranged for each team to bat a certain time, and each player after scoring 25 had to retire. The notable feature of the Swinton innings was a veteran, Edmund Tillotson’s score of 32. He scored so quickly that this scorer evidently had no time to advise him of his retirement when he had scored the exquisite 25. His innings were thoroughly enjoyed. Swinton’s innings were closed for 116.

In response Conisborough scored 81, of which number of the Conisborough captain was responsible for the highest score 15. After the match both teams partook of tea at the red Lion Hotel. It was a most enjoyable afternoon’s cricket.