Conisborough and Air Raids – Urged To Take Action

October 1937

Leeds Mercury – Thursday 14 October 1937

Conisborough and Air Raids

References to the deadlock between local authorities and the Government regarding the responsibility for the expenses of local protective schemes against air raids were made at last night’s meeting of Conisborough Urban District Council.

It was reported that a conference of authorities in the Doncaster Rural Area is to be held on Monday next, and the Council decided to send representatives.

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 14 October 1937

Air Raid Protection

Conisborough Urged To Take Action

The necessity for making some provision for the protection of the working class population in the event of an air raid was stressed Mr. J. T. E. Collins at the Conisborough Urban Council meeting last night.

He asked some move could be made by the authority to prepare a scheme. He did not suggest doing anything that would involve the Council in lot of expense.

The chairman, Mr. R.J. Troughton said they had on their books a resolution that until they were assured of Government financial support they would proceed no further with the question.

This It was eventually ly decided that the Council should send representatives to a conference to be held at Nether Hall, Doncaster next Monday, which has the object or forming some scheme for those authorities situated Doncaster area.

After the conference the air raids committee of the Council, set up some months ago, but which has not yet met, will discuss the report.