Conisborough and Urban Powers.

April 1898

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 28 April 1898

Conisborough and Urban Powers.

A crowded parish meeting was held in the Board Schools. Conisborough. last night.

Mr. C. Holmes presiding.

The meeting was called to consider a proposal to divide the district into wards in view of the proposal apply to the County Council for urban powers for the parishes of Conisborough proper. New Conisborough, Denaby. and Cadeby, and was adjourned from Monday night, when, in consequence of the disorderly proceedings, it was impossible take vote.

Mr. Brocklesby, the secretary the Urban Powers Promotion Committee, read the scheme of the committee, which provided for a Clifton or East Ward, with 550, a ratable value of £3,970. and an area of 3.222 acres, represented by one member: Central Ward, with a population of 3,450, ratable value of £12.435, area 804 acres, represented by four members: West or New Conisborough Ward, with population of 4,110, ratable value £15.595. area 270 acres, represented by four members: Cadeby Ward, population 1.720. ratable value £20,479. and area 1.059 acres. Cadeby Ward, population 140, value £11.500. area 1.234 acres,

The Chairman moved a resolution adopting the scheme, which was seconded by Mr. C. Kilner.

Mr. Cox moved amendment that this meeting entirely disapproving of the object view, decides that in consideration the division of the proposed district into wards be not proceeded with.

The Chairman ruled that this raised the question applying for urban powers, which had already been decided, and could, therefore, only accept the latter part of the amendment.

Mr. Boyle seconded the amendment, which was supported Mr W. H. Chambers, manager of Denaby Main Colliery, who contended that the proposed division was inequitable, and had been designed to favour to central Conisborough.

There voted for the amendment 143. for the resolution 187, giving a majority of 44 for the resolution. The result was greeted with loud applause. The question was practically a battle between old and new Conisborough and the result is a victory for old Conisborough.