Conisborough and Urban Powers – Denied

May 1899

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 31 May 1899

Conisborough and Urban Powers.

Mr. W. Brcklesby, who has acted secretary the Conisborough Urban Powers Committee, received the following communication from the Clerk to the West Riding County Council, respecting the decision arrived at the Local Government Beard:—

“County Council Offices,

Wakefield, 25th May, 1899.

Dear sir,

Proposed Urban District.

l have received communication from the Local Government Board intimating that they have decided to disallow the order of the Riding County Council herein, and that the order of the Board giving effect to that decision would issued in due course.

Yours faithfully,

  1. Vibart Dixon

Mr. W. Brocklesby, Conisborough.”

A meeting of the Urban Powers Committee was held Monday night, at the Board School, but the proceedings were taken in private.

Our local representative called Mr. Brocklesby yesterday, and that gentleman informed him that the committee imagine that the order the Local Government Board when issued will supply all necessary information, and at the present moment it is thought rather premature to take any definite action.

The whole of the members of the committee are strongly dissatisfied with the discussion and the general feeling, though not unanimous—and opinion, is, that they cannot regard the question as being finally settled so far as Conisborough concerned.

Amongst ono section, Mr. Brocklesby said, there is feeling that it will be impossible to successfully fight so large a company as the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company (Limited). One great difficulty in connection with the position in which the committee now find themselves is in the matter of finance. Although the money previously raised was generously and willingly given, it is felt to be no easy matter to again seek financial aid. In the opinion of many, the present is a critical period in the history of the township, and the majority think that prompt steps ought to be taken in order to secure, if at all possible, the powers already applied for.

A monthly meeting of the Parish Council is to be held Monday night, when the matter will be further discussed. It showed, he stated, that no official communication has yet been received by Mr. or by the Clerk to the Parish Council from the Local Government Board, and the grounds on which the order has been disallowed are not yet known.