Conisborough and Urban Powers

September 1897

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 21 September 1897

Conisborough and Urban Powers

A meeting of ratepayers was held last night at Conisbrough “for the purpose of taking into consideration the desirability of constituting the parish an urban district.”

Mr. Charles Holmes, chairman of the Parish Council, presided, and moved “That this meeting- composed of owners and ‘ratepayers the parish his of opinion that the time has come when the parish should be constituted an urban district, and calls upon the Parish Council to make representations to the County Council, asking them to hold inquiry the subject, believing that the acquisition of urban powers would greatly facilitate the government the parish.”

Mr. J. Brocklesby seconded the resolution.

Mr. W. W. Norwood, one of the Rural District Councillors for the parish, moved an amendment – “That this meeting adheres to the resolution passed by a parish meeting three years ago, and ask the County to form an urban district, consisting of the parishes of Conisbrough, Denaby and Cadeby, or such parts thereof as may deemed equitable..

Mr. G. T. Nicholson seconded the amendment, which was supported by Mr S Whitfield, a District Councillor for the parish who said there was one consolation in connection with the question. He did not care what authority they might get, they would never get a greater set of noodles or imbeciles than those they were under at Doncaster). (Laughter) They were tyrants, were cowards and they were cheats, and they were Iiars. (Loud laughter) He would gave instances if they liked, and reporters put what he i had said in big print. (Hear, hear, and laughter)

Considerable discussion took place, in the course of which Mr Godfrey Walker said the affect of the resolution would be to greatly increase the rates, the burden which would fall upon the working man.

He spoke as one interested in manufacture which had not paid its way and it was going to be a serious matter for large ratepayers if they were saddled with all the additional expenditure consequent above Urban powers (Hear, hear.)

The resolution was carry by 35 votes against 21.

The meeting concluded with the customary vote of thanks