Conisborough Assault – “Will do the time”

May 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 13, 1905

“Will do the time”
A Conisborough Assault

A young married woman named Sarah Anne Denmondy, of Mexborough, who is possessed of a very tasty temper, which at times is apt as slip out of bounds, was summoned for assaulting Florence Elizabeth Haywood, at Conisborough on 29 April.

The complainant told a peculiar story. As she was going into the house the defendant said she was “squinting” at her, and she “went” for her. She ran down the street, and threaten to screw her neck round stop she called her names, and not her upon the floor, gave her a black eye, and broke her a tooth. When she knocked her upon the floor she remembered nothing more.

The defendant, frequently interrupted the complainant, stating that she ought to drop dead etc.

Edward Harrison said the defendant had said things about him to her husband. “I will chop him up for – – – mincemeat; I’ve eaten better men than him.”

William Brough also gave evidence. The girl he said, never give the defendant any provocation that he could see.

The defendant went into the box, and gave her evidence in a demonstrative way. She and her husband, she said, were having a few words, when the defendant started mocking. What had started the bother was the fact that the complainant’s father recently came into her house during her husband’s absence and attempted to assault her. The complainant called her names, and she had chastised her several times about it.

The Chairman says there was no doubt an assault had been committed, and the defendant would have to pay 30 shillings and costs.

The defendant: what is the time?

The Chairman (Mr W.J.Humphreys) 21 days.

Defendant: Then I will stand it.