Conisborough Baby’s Death

February 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 04 February 1929

Conisborough Baby’s Death

An inquest was held at Conisborough on Saturday on George Albert Pettigrew, the four months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Pettigrew, 18. Halifax Avenue, Conanby, Conisborough.

It was stated that the child was taken to bed and began to cry. In view of complaints of the child’s cries it was taken downstairs by the mother, and after it had fallen asleep it was placed on the sofa and left there for the night.

Next morning the child was dead.

Dr. Dixon said that the cause of death was convulsions.

The Coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile) said that was a most improper thing for the parents to leave the child on the sofa throughout the night alone.

He recorded a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”