Conisborough Baptist Church – Presentation of Prizes

May 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 6, 1905

Conisborough Baptist Church
Presentation of Prizes

The presentation of prizes to the Sunday School scholars for regular attendance and passing of Scripture examination, took place at the Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon.

An excellent address was given to the youngsters by the Reverent D.W.Jenkins, president of the Yorkshire Baptist Association, which should also prove beneficial to the parents, the reverent gentleman drawing strongly on the facts of parents going and making a row with the teacher when one of their children returned home from school and complained of being “smacked.” He felt sure that the teachers had the welfare of the children at heart, almost as much as the parents, and they going in making a bother at the school just because one of their children had been corrected was teaching them disobedience and showing them the crooked path.

Mr Boorman then called upon Mrs Maxey to present the books to the successful scholars.

Mrs Maxey presented books to the following, making appropriate remarks to each recipient as she handed them their prize:

Sam Winston, Florrie Hanson, Arthur Farmery, Harry March, Leonard Moore, May Curtis, Willie Wells, Eva Taylor, Florrie Moore, Dorothy Moore, Harold Wells, Hilda Moore, Stanley Taylor, Agnes Wells, Harold Marsh, Maggie Curtis, Emma Marsh, Gertie Harrison, Horace Shacklock, Leonard Taylor, Elsie Curtis, Doris Beaumont, Annie Shacklock, Benny Clarkson, Albert Shacklock Edith Curtis, Polly Harrison, Florrie Marsh (the three last names did not receive their prizes as they had not arrived from the publishers, but they will be handed to them in due course)
Delayed band of Hope prizes were handed to Gilbert more, Florrie March and May Crabtree.

Hymns and prayer brought to a close in after which is always eagerly looked forward to with anticipation by the Sunday School scholars.