Conisborough Baptist Sunday School.

May 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 6, 1905
Conisborough Baptist Sunday School.

On Easter Thursday a public tea was held in which there was a good attendance. After tea an entertainment was given by the children.

The chair was taken by Mrs Maxey. After the opening, “Little links of gold are we,” by the children, and prayer by the Rev Maxey, the Lady presiding addressed a few remarks, referring to the hymn they had just sung.

The programme continued as follows:

Pianoforte duet, John Webster and John Hall
Hesitation, Harry March,
Dumbbell drill by eight boys
Recitation, Ada Curtis
Club drill and boxing by the boys
Recitation, Leonard more
Action song, “playtime,” 18 girls
Recitation flurry Marsh
Song “The last dolly”
Connie Harrison recitation, Alan Marsh; bold drill
Eight girl’s recitation
Harold Wells, song
“Little star,” Ethel Dove
Recitation, John Webster
Recitation, flurry more
Representation “The fairy Queen,” by 20 girls.

During the interval the superintendent (Mr Beaumont) said he wished to thank the parents who send their children to the school, and all they would do their part in assisting the Sunday school teachers in their work, which was done in the spirit of love.

They were not to send their children simply to oblige them, but because they were willing to cooperate with them in their religious training.

The Rev Maxey propose a vote of thanks to Mrs Beaumont, the children, who had done their part so well, to the lady teachers who assisted in making arrangements for that evening.
Through the kindness of friends and in response to the children, tea was provided without expense. The total proceeds were £4 9s 6d. which was devoted to the “deficiency fund.”