Conisborough Baths – Opposition Tactics.

October 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 12 October 1912

Opposition Tactics.

The ballot taken on Saturday by the ” Mexboro’ Times” on the Conisboro’ Baths’ question created a large amount of local interest, and provided the sole topic of conversation during the week-end.

The fact that a ballot was to be taken, stirred up the opposition party, who issued notices as follows to every householder in the parish:

The ‘Mexborough Times’ newspaper ballot is not official, and will have no legal effect whatever. You are strongly advised to pay no regard to it. Avoid signing any paper, as the ballot is only legal under the Secret Ballot Act.”

We never claimed that the ballot was official. We fully explained that it was being taken in order to test the feeling of the ratepayers in the parish. The attitude of the opposition indicated that they had a weak case and were afraid of the result of the ballot.

The ballot boxes, placed near the Conisboro’ Castle Grounds and at Wood View, were the object of much interest. They were also fairly well patronised, and notwithstanding the tactics of the opposition, the result of the ballot clearly shows there is a real desire at Conisboro’ for public baths.

The ballot boxes were opened at the ” Times ” on Monday, with the following result:

In favour of Public Baths               198

Against                                                                     9

Majority in favour                            189

The opposition handbills evidently prevented those from voting who were opposed to the scheme. No ballot papers were returned from those who led the opposition party at the’ parish meeting. Included among the voting papers returned in favour of baths were those from many of the Parish Councillors and principal residents in Conisboro’.

The result of the ballot is perfectly satisfactory to us, and we advise the Parish Council to tackle the subject with renewed vigour, and test the feeling of the ratepayers by an official ballot. We have no doubt as to the result.