Conisborough Beggar sent to Prison – “General Nuisance”

November 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 15, 1935

“General Nuisance”
Conisborough Beggar sent to Prison

Albert Platt, who appeared at Doncaster on Tuesday, charged with begging at Conisborough, was described as “a general nuisance” in that area. Platt, who wore a long dark growth of beard, was stated to live in a caravan.

Inspector Wolfe said he had had much trouble with Platt. They had never been able to ascertain his age, and on a suggestion by the chairman (Mr Mark L Nokes) that Platt should go to Balby institution “to be cleaned up,” the Inspector said it was doubtful whether the Institution would accept such a young man.

Asked his age, Platt replied: “If you will trust me ———–”
Further pressed to answer, Platt said: “What have you got down?”

Inspector Wolfe said Platt did not wish to go to Balby. He was a general nuisance, and he understood Platt had already been given “one good hiding” in his caravan.

Asked by the chairman when he chose Balby or prison, Platt repeated: “If you will trust me ———–”

The Chairman said it was not the wish of the Bench to send Yates to prison if he would do as they wished. “You have your choice,” he said, “I am pleading with you on behalf of the Bench.”
Platt again make some remark about trust, and the Chairman said: “I shall not talk much longer.”

Platt persisted in his replies and was sent to prison for three months.