Conisborough Betting House – “Resorters” Bound Over

November 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 30, 1935

Conisborough Betting House
“Resorters” Bound Over

19 “Resorters” appeared at Doncaster on Tuesday, when Joseph James Fitton, bookmaker, of Conisborough was summoned for using premises at Conisborough for betting.

Inspector Redfern said the premises were at the rear of 37 Church Street Conisborough.

On October 30 between 12.30 and 1.30, two police officers saw 30 men and a youth enter the premises and leave almost immediately.

On the following day, between 1 PM and 2 PM, 47 men and one boy were seen to enter.

The premises were raided on November 1. Fitton was sitting at a table, as some six for betting slips relating to hundred and 70 bets were found, along with £3 2s 1 1/2d. 15 men were also in sight, and for others came in during the raid. A quantity of the usual betting material was found. When charge, fit in reply, “Can’t you make it street betting?”

Mr A.E.Maith (defending Fitton) said the Bench ever heard over and over again pleas on behalf of such defendants. In this case there were mitigating circumstances, in that no women or children were allowed to enter the premises, and also that Fitton had, to some extent, been forced to take up this livelihood. Unfortunately he had suffered a compound fracture of the leg sometime ago, and being unable to follow his normal occupation.

It was stated that he had been before the court on two previous occasions.

He was fined £10 and on application the Bench returned the betting slips.

The resorters were each bound over for a year, and each ordered to pay 4s costs.


They were: John Joseph Hanby, James Platt, Albert Sorsby Ward, miners, James Albert Warren, labourer, Walter Smith, miner, Cecil Arthur Guest, traveller, Clarence Atwell, miner, John Cyril Farmer, and Fred Frank, labourers, Fred Allcock, miner, Benjamin G Sheldrake, Glass hand, David Roberts, Butcher, Edward Fitton, labourer, John Briggs, miner, Thomas O’Neill, labourer, Fred Senior, glasshand, John Cairns, George Bishop, miners and John Weaver, painter; all of Conisborough.