Conisborough Boys Theft – 112 Glass Marbles

June 1906

Mexborough & Swinton Times June 9, 1906

Conisborough Boys Theft.

Charles C. Lewis (14), Conisborough, was charged by Caleb Kilner for stealing glass marbles from Conisborough glassworks.

Mr W. Baddiley, who appeared to prosecute on behalf of Mr Kilner, said that defendant was charged with stealing from Messrs. Kilner’s glassworks 112 glass marbles, on Sunday, 4th May.

Mr Baddiley stated that PC Wailes saw the prisoner coming away from the glassworks, and his pocket rather bulky. He (the constable) asked defendant what he had in his pocket. And found the marbles (produced).

Wailes then took Lewis back to Kilner’s and charged him with theft. The marbles were valued at 4d. Mr Baddiley (continuing) said that his client did not wish to press the case. Prisoner had already lost his situation at the glassworks.

PC Wailes calibrated the statement

Defendant pleaded guilty and the chairman, speaking to the lad’s father, said the charge was a very bad one, and this was the first step in the wrong direction, and he (the father) would do well if he gave his son a good talking to – defendant was bound over under the first offenders act to come up for judgement when called upon.