Conisborough C.C. – A Players Finger Broken.

September 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 13.

A Players Finger Broken.

Conisborough 30 Mexborough 51

C Bury 18; W. Nicholson 6-9 G Hardy 5-21

A Players Finger Broken.

It is years, in fact, not within the recollection of the writer, since the Conisborough team beat Mexborough in a Saturday encounter. Last Saturday the Conisborough men took the field with every prospect of turning the tide. They certainly ought to have one, after getting the Mexborough men out for a paltry 51.

Conisborough were short of H.H. Sharpe, H.J. Sharpe and Field while Mexborough had several of the usual team away.

Mexborough lost three wickets for three runs. Pepper and Turner advanced the score to 24 when the latter was caught at the wicket. With only two added Pepper was bowled by Linithan, after scoring 11. Further disaster followed seven wickets being down for 24. White a second team man was next, who played the bowling in fine style and assisted Gale, who was also batting very carefully in raising the total to 50 when the former was out for a valuable 10. With only one added the innings closed, Gale carrying out his bat for 12. G Hardy took 5 wickets for 21 runs, F Day 2 for 10 and Linithan three for 15.

In recent matches, there has been such a pronounced improvement in the Conisborough batting, and everyone anticipated they would easily win the match. They were sorely disappointed for seldom has Conisborough made such a weak display. Nicholson was the chief factor in their downfall, taking 6 wickets for 9 runs and Brown two wickets for 18 runs. The only redeeming factor of the Conisborough innings was a splendid resistance offered by C. Bury, who almost carried his bat through and scored 18. George Hardy had the misfortune to have one of his fingers broken by a “bumping” ball off Brown.

At the Red Lion Hotel after the match, on behalf of the unfortunate player, realised about 15 shillings