Conisborough C.C Free From Debt – A Happy Position

January 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times January 25, 1935

A Happy Position

Conisborough C.C Free From Debt.

It was pointed out at the annual dinner of Conisborough’, held at the Alma Hotel, Conisborough last night that the club was free from debt for the first time in twelve years.

Coun. J. I. Webster’ (president) said he could sympathise with those who had worked hard for so many years with such a millstone round their necks. Their labours had been rewarded. The club had never been financially sound. It had had twelve years. If all the members pulled together he had no doubt they would become prosperous.

The club was to receive an unexpected donation of £12 from the Conisborough C.C. ball committee, which had now wound up.

Mr. W. T. Thompson (Secretary), said during the ten seasons he had been in office the club had always been in debt and two seasons ago there was a debit balance of £96.

Ellis Robinson, the county player who entered the game through Conisborough C.C., also spoke