Conisborough Child Welfare Centre Opened – 100th in West Riding

January 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 15 January 1929

100th in West Riding

Conisborough Chiid Welfare Centre Opened.

A new child welfare centre (available on Mondays) which the West Riding County Council established at the Conisborough Miners’ Welfare Institute was opened yesterday by Lady Mabel Smith.

Mrs. Kaye presided at the ceremonv.

Lady Mabel Smith spoke of the changes that had taken place in their outlook towards children. Time was, she said, when they were looked upon as a nuisance, but to-day they realised that the world belonged to youth.

She described child welfare work as one of the most important of duties, and said that overcrowding and bad environment had operated adversely. What was good enough in the past was not good enough to-day, when they were out for reforms.

Mr. Tom Williams, M.P., who proposed a vote of thanks to Lady Smith, said that the Conisborough centre was the hundredth child welfare centre of the West Riding.