Conisborough Church Choir – Forty-Eight Years Ago (picture)

July 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 12 1935

Conisborough Church Choir.
Forty-Eight Years Ago.

Dscn2759 choir

The reproduction of the above photograph, kindly lent by Mr. R. Wright, of Conisborough; will revive memories for many old readers. At the request of the organist at St. Peter’s Church, Conisborough, the late Mr. H. White, of Doncaster, who wanted something to remind him of his association with the church, the choir of St. Peter’s Church were photographed outside the church 48 years ago to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

Those on the group are: Back row: Dr. Colley, A. Laughton, W. Downing, J. Beardsley, H. Laughton, J. A. Brown, H. White (organist), H. Worrall, J. Forrest, J. Greathead, E. Laughton, and W. H. Chambers. Fronw Row: W. H. Darley, R. Wright, C. Willoughly, T. Rawding, H. H. Sharpe, G. Carson, Rev. G. A. Wood (vicar), F. Kelly, H. Marshall, D. Shelton, C. Colley, F. Ocley, and W. Crowcroft.

Of the choirmen, only J. Beardsley and J. Forrest are still alive, while all the ‘boys’ with the exception of F. Kelly are residing in the district at present, but only one of them remains a member of the choir. He is David Shelton, who has just completed 53 years’ service under five vicars. Mr. Shelton is now 63 years old and joined the choir at the age of nine.