Conisborough Cricket Club Annual Ball

January 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 7, 1898

Conisborough Cricket Club Annual Ball

The annual ball in aid of the Conisborough Cricket Club was held last night at the Conisborough Board Schools, when there was a large and fashionable company present.

The school was prettily decorated and furnished by Mrs G Appleyard and Sons, the Arrangement of the rooms being a ballroom, a drawing room, a cardroom, a refreshment room and Ladies and Gentlemen Cloakrooms.

Flags and seasonal devices made the walls attractive, and the effect was extremely pleasing.

Messrs G Appleyard & Sons also laid the Holland in the ballroom.

Furniture for the Rooms was lent by Mr Norwood, Mrs Norwood, Mrs Smith and Mrs Appleyard; while Mrs G Walker, JP, WH Chambers and WW Norwood lent Plants for the Decoration.

The supper, which was an excellent one, was provided by the Committee with the exception of the sweets, which Mr Godfrey Walker, J.P. generously gave and which Mrs Crooks of the Priory, prepared. The eatables were, however, prepared and cooked for the supper by Mrs Crookes, Mrs McCall, Mrs W.W. Norwood, Miss Norwood, Miss Ogley, Miss Appleyard, Mrs T Booth, Mrs W Smith, Mrs T Nesbitt and Mrs G Crossland.

Presents of wine were made by Lieutenant Colonel Johnson, J.P. and Mr Godfrey Walker, J.P., while a barrel of XXXX beer was given by Mappings Old Mexborough Brewery Co Ltd.

Mr Davies of Doncaster was in charge of the supper room, and laid out the table, which reflect the highest credit on the staff.

In the Ballroom music was provided by the Ivanhoe String Band, on the conductorship of Mr Horace Marshall, while Mr Frank Ogley officiated As M.C.. Mr W.W. Norwood being secretary of the Ball Committee.