Conisborough Cricket Club Ball – A Brilliant Function.

January 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 5, 1907

Conisborough Cricket Club Ball
A Brilliant Function

One of the principal events of the year at Conisborough is a croquet and lawn tennis club dance, which bids fair to become of historical importance. It is eagerly anticipated for six months, and remembered as an epoch for over six months.

For 16 consecutive years has it been held early in January, and its success has never waned, though it may have varied in a slight degree. It is a brilliant social function which has established itself as a permanent institution in the life of Conisborough.

Sixteen years ago, Mr W. W. Norwood and a few kindred spirits conceived the idea of holding a ball for the benefit of the club. The idea was speedily brought to fruition and was at once a success. Nothing succeeds like success, so the event was arranged a second time with increased success.

Now it has a history, and promises to perpetuate the name of Norwood until the millennium. In a similar degree will immortal fame be the reward of Mr Joshua Appleyard, of Hilltop; Mr John Thomas Storey of Hooton Robert; Mr F. Ogley of Hilltop; Mr Thomas R. Booth, Conisborough, and one or two others who were members of the original committee, and still remain in this part of the world to tell the tale.

Though the original idea of the promoters was and perhaps still is to raise funds for the benefit of the club. The ball is supported by the general public for its inherent attractions. Many people whose interest in cricket and tennis is of a negative quality, contribute liberally towards a initial outlay, either in money or kind. No, expenses spared in providing congenial environment and it may safely be said that even if the proceedings barely covered the costs, the popularirty of the event would not suffer. The club takes a backseat, and may congratulate itself on its good fortune. The members grumble that they are not supported to the extent they are entitled to expect in the summer, but the ball puts matters right and everything ends happily.

This year’s event took place on Thursday night in the Morley Place Board Schools, and as brilliant a success as any of its predecessors. The ballroom was artistically decorated with art muslin banners and the usual devices, the floor being covered with glazed holland instead of wax. The supper room decorations were harmoniously designed, and a covered temporary passage through the schoolyard had been converted into retiring and cardrooms. The decorating work had been entrusted to Messrs George Appleyard Hanson who excelled themselves.

The tables groaned under the weight of good things – roast fowl and pheasants, boiled fowl, wild turkey, roast goose, game, roast beef, ox tongue, pigeon pie, rabbit pie, trifles, custards, jellies, Charlotte Rousse, tipsy cake, and a variety of desert.




Dancing commence at 8.30 to the seductive strains of Mr G.W Lawton’s  Ivanhoe  string Band, and carriages were ordered for 3.30.

Mr F Oxley and Mr Joseph Appleyard proved most accomplished arbiters of elegance, the general control being in the hands of Mr William Appleyard, of Clifton.

Mr WW Norwood, the secretary of the committee, was unfortunately absent in consequence of a bereavement. The attendance was up to the average, and partners were evenly balanced, but the ballroom was slightly crowded.

In a large measure praise must be given to the members of the committee for the perfection of the arrangements.