Conisborough Cyclists Assault

November 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 11, 1905

A Conisborough Cyclists Assault

A Conisborough bricklayer, named William Lewis was summons at the instance of Mr Barker for having committed an assault on him at that place on October 25.

Mr W Baddiley appeared to prosecute, and in stating the facts, said complainant kept a number of fowls at Clifton Hill, Conisborough. On Wednesday evening the 25th ult at about 6.40, complainant was proceeding with a lantern in his hands for the purpose of fasting up the fowls. As he saw a light coming towards him here someone cursing and swearing. When the light came nearer to him he saw it was upon a bicycle, which the defendant was riding.

Defendant was riding on the wrong side of the road, and in order to get out of his way complainant stepped on one side and fell into the gutter. Defendant at once commenced to make use of some filthy language, when complainant asked him why was riding upon the wrong side of the road.

Lewis dismounted from his bicycle, and struck complainant, knocking him into the hedge bottom.

Harold James, joiner of Edlington, gave corroborative evidence. He stated that he was proceeding along the road, when defendant saw witness he called out “Get out of the road you silly _____.” Hearing a disturbance, he went to where it was taking place, and heard the defendant and complainant having an altercation. The complainant said to defendant “I’ll have your name and address,” when defendant reply, “Will you, you _____, take that, and at the same time struck him.

Defendant was ordered to pay 10 shillings and costs.