Conisborough Cyclists Successes

November 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 13, 1936

Conisborough Cyclists Successes

earlier this year GA Logan, a well-known Conisborough cyclists, left the district to obtain work at the rally Cycle Works, Nottingham and has now made a name for himself in the cycling world.

He is the son of Mr and Mrs G Fletcher, of Conisborough.

Since his arrival in Nottingham he joined the Nottingham Wheelers C.C.and is now champion of the district. He began his career by clocking 1 hour 7 minutes 30 seconds in a Doncaster Wheelers club event, then he joined Nottingham Wheelers.

The 1935 InterCity 25 mile found him among the honours again, covering the distance in 1 hour 4 minutes 20 seconds, a club record. This year will live in his memory. In his first race (the Nottingham wheelers “25”) he put up another record, his time being 1 hour 3 minutes 7 seconds, five minutes in front of the next man. In the wheelers “open” 25 he experienced chain trouble but finished a few seconds in front of the club’s undefeated “crack.”

In the Yorkshire Road Club “50” he made another personal record by covering the distance in 2 hours 15 minutes 32 seconds.

In a South Yorkshire course Logan again beat the club “crack”, Harry Hill, in an open 25, Logan’s time been 1 hour 3 minutes 28 seconds. His fastest “100,” of 4 hours 45 minutes 38 seconds, was made in the East Midlands event. This gave him the third fastest, fastest team and third handicap medals.

Twice in a fortnight he smashed the 25 miles record, the first time in the Dinnington Institute “25” (one hour two minutes 20 seconds), and the second in the Derby Clarion. (One hour two minutes 20 seconds)

He rode in the Derbyshire R.C.”25” in 1 hour 3 minutes 24 seconds, and the Birchfield ”25” in 1 hour 2 minutes 22 seconds.

In the Luton wheelers 12 hour Logan covered 217 ¾ miles