Conisborough District Education Committee

July 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 10, 1915

Conisborough District Education Committee

The usual monthly meeting of the Conisborough district education subcommittee was held last Thursday, when the following gentlemen were present:
Mr J. Brocklesby (Chairman) and the reverent, W. A. Strawbridge, with the school attendance officer.

Only one tender for the work of their summer renovation at Balby Street council school was received and in consequence of the amount being in excess of the estimated cart the matter was referred to the central office for consideration.

Accounts amounting to £166 6s. 1d. where approved and passed for payment. The report of the subcommittee with regard to school attendance was submitted and adopted. It was observed that the percentage of average attendance (89. 39) showed a considerable increase of the figures from the corresponding month of last year and was the highest for the division. The clerk was authorised to take legal proceedings against several parents for their regular attendance of their children.

It was reported that Miss Lambert of Morley Place Girls School had resigned on account of illness. Mrs Sylvia G. Drabble was allocated to Morley Place girl’s school as a student teacher, subject to her passing the necessary examination.